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unnamed-2.jpgSpringfield, MO vet Dr. Kara Amstutz and her staff believe in clear communication with our clients, compassion for the pets who come to our office, and integrity in all we do. Our mission is to help pets live long, healthy and comfortable lives. That's what we mean when we say our office is "Where Medicine and Mercy Meet."

When you bring your pet to our animal care center in Springfield, you'll see right away that we understand how people and their pets share a very special relationship. These furry friends become a part of our families, and we want the best in health for them. 

 We also understand that your pet's breed and genetic background, as well as your lifestyle and budget, all act as factors in determining the care plan for your pet. No matter what treatment plan you choose, you can trust us to respect your decisions and provide the best care we can for your pet. We've been your Springfield, MO vet clinic for a number of years now, and we value every one of our clients.

We Keep Up With the Best Changes
in Veterinary Medicine

The veterinary field, like all medical fields, changes rapidly, with new information, new drugs and new technologies always coming onto the scene and improving how we can can for your pets. We make it our business to keep informed and to practice the most progressive medicine possible. Because every pet deserves the best care we can offer, we keep the entire staff of our Springfield veterinary center up to date on the changes in vet medicine.

Small Animal Vet, Big Goals

We specialize as small animal vets, which means we are constantly learning more about dogs and cats and the best way to care for them. We think of ourselves as a family pet vet hospital, with them emphasis on family. We know that pets aren't just animals, they're a vital part of your family, and we do everything we can for their health and comfort. Our goal is for every pet to live a long, healthy, happy life. 

Does your  pet needs diagnostic and lab work, or surgery? Is he suffering from  itchy skin, or in need of senior care? Call us. We can help.