Anal Glands

Why is My Dog Dragging His Bottom on the Carpet?

Often we hear clients report that their dog likes to drag his bottom on the floor. Along with bottom-dragging, your dog may be licking his anal area excessively. 

Is this normal behavior?  Why do they do that?  Are they in pain?  

Maybe it’s as simple as a stick stuck to their hair coat, but many times it is really an indicator of a problem with anal glands that need to be expressed.  

The anal sac glands are little balloons that fill with thin or thick liquid expressed when they defecate.Think of it as a balloon filling up but unable to release the pressure. Most dogs are able to naturally express these glands, but some dogs seem to need a little help. 

The frequency of needing them expressed varies from pet to pet.  It can be monthly, every few months, or once a year.  Some dogs never have a problem with their anal glands. The biggest complaint you hear about anal glands is the odor. 

A gland left untreated when the pet is showing signs of discomfort can lead to a painful problem called an anal sac rupture.

Cats can also have anal glands that need to be expressed,  but it isn’t as frequent as in dogs.   

Our team is trained to teach and perform this skill, so let Hometown Veterinary Hospital, handle the anal gland issue for your pet.