Dangerous Foods for Pets

Dogs love people food, but there are some things that, while wholesome for people, can sicken or even kill your dog. We see pets at our Springfield Animal Hospital who have gotten into things that tasted good...but were not good for them. Here are the major offenders:

chocolate.pngCHOCOLATE -  Theobromine damages internal organs; the darker the chocolate the more dangerous.


GRAPES AND RAISINS - The sweetness attracts dogs, but they can cause kidney damage.




MACADAMIA NUTS  - Causes vomiting, muscle/joint pain and swelling, lethargy


gum.pngXYLITOL - Used to sweeten sugar-free gum and candies. Stimulates pancreatic insulin secretion which can lead to low blood sugar and liver damage.


wine.pngWINE - Ethanol can damage respiratory and central nervous system. Quick absorption by the body means you need an immediate vet visit. NO alcohol is safe for dogs.


 dough.pngRAW DOUGH - Yeast dough has ethanol, causing lethargy, weakness, low body temperature.


 avocado.pngAVOCADO - Causes vomiting.



CHERRIES - in large quantities cause cyanide toxicity. 


There are foods that are bad for cats, too.

milk carton .png

MILK - Adult cats are lactose intolerant, so milk can give them diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration.

CHKN_LEG.pngBONES & FAT - Bones can cause choking, laceration or blocking of the digestive tract.  Fat can cause stomach distress, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

onion.pngONIONS - Raw, cooked or powdered, onions break down read blood cells in cats, causing anemia, weight loss and lethargy.


 GARLIC - Same as onions.


 coffee.pngCOFFEE - It's fatal in large doses, and smaller amounts cause tremors, rapid breathing, palpitations and more. Keep ALL CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES away from your cats.

egg.pngRAW EGGS - These can cause possible salmonella or E coli infections. Egg white can also prevent Vitamin B absorption, leading to skin problems and fur loss. 

 If you believe you cat or dog has eaten anything on this list, please arrange a vet visit at once. It could save your pet's life!