Dental Disease: A Common Problem

Dental Disease is a Common Problem

One of the most common problems we see at Hometown Veterinary Hospital is dental disease. (The other is overweight pets, and we'll address that on another page.) Lack of dental hygiene and care can cause gingivitis in dogs, just as it does in people. 

We believe dental health is so important that we ask about dental care during your pet’s appointment. Do you brush their teeth? Give them treats that help clean the teeth and stimulate the gums? We can suggest dental treats for your pet once we've given them a thorough dental exam. 

How Can I Tell My Pet Needs Dental Care?

Pets need dental exams, just like we do. But there are some obvious signs that you can look for at home to assess the mouth of your pet. 

1.  Does their breath smell?  It’s not normal to have that bad odor in a mouth. That odor is caused by bacteria.

2.  Flip the lip up.  Do you see browning on the teeth or along the gums?  That browning is plaque and needs to be removed. Using proper tools, our team can manage the plaque for your pet.

Why is a Dental Exam so Important?

Over time, untreated bacteria can cause damage to the structures supporting teeth, as well as organs within the body.  Seventy percent of dental disease is above the gum line-- you can’t see it.  For that reason, we always x-ray teeth to get an idea of what the root system is doing. 

Dr. Kara Amstutz  will do an exam of the mouth and will provide her assessment on your pet's report card, as well as listing any recommendations she has for your pet. If your pet needs dental care, we can provide it, and we always explain the procedure, costs and plan associated with this service.