Home Care for Clean Teeth

Common Sense Tooth Care for Pets

Pet tooth care really isn't much different than our own. Most important is BRUSHING! Just as it does in humans, plaque begins building on pet teeth within minutes after brushing. This plaque builds up and hardens, forming tartar. Over time, the tartar works its way under the gum line causing irreversible damage if not caught soon enough. Brushing your pet’s teeth is the #1 fighter against plaque and dental disease. 

Special Diets Might be the Answer

If you can’t brush due to a wiggly pet or lack of time,  Hill's Science Diet T/D is your next best option. It is a healthy, nutritious pet food formulated to scrape the plaque off your pet’s teeth with every bite. We have witnessed amazing results with this food in our patients. Many clients use it as a treat as well. 

Healthy Treats Can Help

Dental treats such as Greenies, CET chews and Nylabones are helpful, too, and most pets love them. Never give your dog real bones - they will crack teeth.