Dog Training

Crate Training Saves Time and Money

Here are 5 reasons to crate train your dog:

1. Potty Training: A common frustration for pet owners is the potty training phase. Having your pet stay in a crate and then immediately taking them outside to potty helps train them as to where they should use the bathroom. Don’t forget to praise them A LOT when they do potty in an appropriate place. 

2. Safety: A crated pet is protected from unsupervised chewing.

3. Security: Dogs are natural den animals. They like to have a place where they can feel safe and call their own.

4. Travel: A pet that is comfortable with his crate is easy to travel with. It keeps your dog safe during road trips. And flying requires a crate. Imagine the stress of never being crate trained and now having to fly across country on an airplane!

5. Medical Reasons: Sometimes you need to confine a pet to allow  healing to occur. If your pet isn’t used to the crate, think how much harder it will be to restrict activity.