Tick Paralysis

It Can Be Reversed

Tick paralysis actually happens right here in the Ozarks. The illness is caused by the saliva from the female tick. She releases neurotoxins into the bloodstream of the pet when she bites in to feed. 

The disease then presents itself in a sad,  slow progression of paralysis. The pet gradually becomes physically weaker even while alertness remains strong. Eventually, if left untreated, it will become a full paralysis which can result in death.

Once we apply a tick control product to cause death to the tick(s), the paralytic symptoms start to resolve. If you suspect your pet has developed tick paralysis --whether you actually see the tick or not --please arrange to bring them in for an exam at once. 

Ticks are a parasite we can prevent and manage. Over the counter solutions do not work nearly as well as the products we provide. Make sure your pet is properly protected with Parastar Plus for dogs and Easyspot for Cats -- the tick control products Dr. Kara Amstutz and Dr. Grace Woodrell suggest for the prevention of ticks.