When to Start Tick Prevention

Spring Is Ideal,
But It's Never Too Late

Tick prevention is best started in early spring (March, generally), and  Hometown Veterinary Hospital recommends using Parastar Plus for dogs and EasySpot for cats as a topical tick/flea preventative. It's important to understand that these specially formulated products work far better than over the counter collars or other products.

Once applied these products stars killing the ticks in 1 hour or less. Ticks carry many different diseases that cause illness in people and pets. We'll discuss tick borne diseases on another page. Since ticks can be brought into the house on pets, it’s important that ALL pets, both inside and outside, be treated with a tick prevention.

At Hometown Veterinary Hospital, you'll find we focus on parasites during the month of March, but year-round prevention is best for parasite management. We often find ticks on pets during the winter months, and a warm winter or early spring means more parasites are out and active earlier in the year. 

Protect your pets and your family. Call us today to discuss parasite protection needs for your pet.