Foreign Bodies

Why Isn't My Dog Eating?

Have you ever met a dog who didn't love to eat? When they suddenly quit eating, you know your dog has a problem. 

Recently we saw a dog who had refused food for several days.  He is the type of pet that never misses a meal, so the owners brought him in for evaluation once they noticed the change. They also reported that he is the type of dog that gets into things-- an important fact to be aware of when obtaining  a history.

Dogs who get into things have no hesitation to ingest paper, fiber, plant material...and other oddball items.  

In the case of this dog, he needed emergency surgery to remove a length of cloth-like material that was several feet long. The dog recovered nicely, but he is a good reminder.

If your "chow hound" is suddenly and dramatically off his feed, don't wait. Bring him in for an exam. It could save his life.