Does My Pet Have Ear Mites?

When a pet has an ear infection or is shaking his head, clients commonly think ear mites are the root of the problem.

However, we more commonly see yeast or bacterial infections.  Treating your pet with an over the counter ear mite medication will not solve the issue and will prolong your pet’s suffering.

The best way to diagnosis any pet with ear problems is a full examination of the ears and cytology of the specimen within the ear.  We look under the microscope to determine the underlying cause and then treat Hometown-Veterinary-Hospital-MedRx-e1357944924688.jpgappropriately. We also use our MedRx pictured here, as it has a magnified image that allows us to see the entire ear canal.

The next time your pet has smelly ears, discharge, shaking head or scratching ears, let the doctors at Hometown Veterinary Hospital assist in giving your pet the right treatment plan. You will save yourself money, time and frustration. And your pet will benefit,  too!