Simple Treatment Cures Roundworms

Long like spaghetti and white, often vomited up by your dog. The adult roundworm is an intestinal parasite that we commonly test for annually, checking your pet's feces for eggs, which indicate  an intestinal infestation.

Dogs and cats become infected with roundworm upon ingestion of larvated eggs from a contaminated environment and ingestion of larvae in tissues of vertebrate hosts.

Treatment is simple. The doctors at Hometown Veterinary Hospital will prescribe a specific medication to eliminate the roundworms. If your pet is on a monthly heartworm preventative, like Sentinel for Dogs or Revolution for Cats, then they are getting dewormed monthly. This is the best practice in prevention. 

Be aware:  This is a parasite that can harm humans. We encourage you to keep feces picked up, practice good hand-washing and keep all pets on monthly heartworm preventatives with a dewormer.