Dental Health

IMG_9436-300x200.jpgDental health is so important to our pets! By age 3, 85% of all pets have some form of dental disease. Depending on breed, this can progress quickly to inflammation, infection, loose teeth and pain. The infection can also spread to other locations, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Pet owners nearly always tell us that once their pet’s teeth are cleaned, they see a big difference in overall health. Dental disease can be a silent, painful condition for our pets.

A dental cleaning at our Springfield vet clinic involves multiple steps. The pet is placed under general anesthesia for proper oral examination, dental radiographs, cleaning and extractions. Be wary of the “anesthesia free” dental cleaning-- it isn't a thorough job.  

Our dental cleanings involve an exam, pre-anesthesia blood work, pain relief as needed, and compete oral exam and cleaning above and below the gum line. If extractions are needed, we will do them at this time. We end by polishing the teeth and giving a fluoride treatment. 

Dental cleaning is a day admission procedure. Bring your pet in on the day of the procedure he goes home that same day. Occasionally, if multiple extractions are completed, we will hospitalize the pet overnight for more pain control.


Home Dental Care is Also Very Important!

Home care is vitally important in preventing and slowing the progression of dental disease. Here are some things you can do at home:

  • Brush your pet’s teeth (daily is best)
  • Dental diets such as Healthy Advantage, Oral Care or Hill’s Science Diet t/d 
  • Dental treats such as Greenies or CET dental chews

Give your pets the best dental us for an appointment today!