Senior Care


Generally speaking, any pet older than seven years is considered a senior. Age is certainly not a disease, but as pets age, new disease processes can occur. Our job is to prevent, detect, and slow them down. At our animal hospital in Springfield MO we are dedicated to keeping all pets, and especially senior pets, in the best physical shape we can.  

We can monitor the internal organs via screening tests such as

  • Senior Bloodwork
  • Chest/Abdominal X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood Pressure

Are You Seeing Sudden Changes in Your Pet at Home?

You can monitor your pet’s appetite, weight, breathing rate and water intake at home. If you see a sudden change, please bring your pet in right away.

Behavioral changes such as sudden loss of potty training, not getting up to greet you, or sudden aggression may also indicate an underlying medical issue. We can often find a cause for changes, but if everything checks out, we need to consider behavioral change and dementia. There are treatments for this, but the main point to remember is that early detection means early intervention and a longer, healthier life for your pet.

We recommend twice yearly physical examinations for pets over seven years of age, as well as senior blood testing. Then, if needed, we can follow up with additional testing. Also, pets on chronic medications will require more frequent testing, every six months or more often as needed.

Bring your elderly pet in for an exam and keep him feeling good as long as possible.