Pet Lab Tests and Diagnostics

Veterinary medicine has come a long way in the last few years, and staff at our Springfield animal clinic keeps up with the changes.  However, our pets still can’t tell us where it hurts or why they aren’t feeling well. We utilize our diagnostics to help us put the puzzle pieces together and get your pet back on its feet and feeling better.


Physical Examination and Medical History

The most important diagnostic tool is the complete physical exam, so we examine our patients nose to tail. Our hands, eyes, ears and sometimes even our noses can detect problems with your pet.

A thorough vet examination, even when your pet appears to be well, can often detect something you may not have noticed. Early detection means early intervention, which extends your pet’s life. Simple as that!

And we ask a lot of questions, because sometimes a tiny bit of information can lead us down the right path to the diagnosis. We also listen to your concerns, because we know that when a pet owner says something isn’t right, then something isn’t right. It is our job to find out what.

If you are a new client, please bring previous records so we can have a complete medical history in our system. If your pet is on medications, bring in the bottle to help us know the dose and frequency of your pet's meds.

 Laboratory Testing

We have a state-of-the-art testing lab right here in our vet hospital, conveniently located on Republic Rd in Springfield, MO,  and can provide complete blood work, parasite testing, urinalysis, blood pressure testing, and many more tests to identify illness or other problems. If needed, we can work with outside laboratories for more extensive work-ups and receive results back in just a few days.


Diagnostic Imaging


We now have Digital Radiographs, a valuable service that allows us to take superior quality images in a fraction of the time, evaluate them in better ways, e-mail them for specialist review and then store them forever.

Ultrasound is also available at Hometown. This allows us to evaluate the heart in real time and identify heart failure or murmurs, and detect a cause. Ultrasound is also used to examine the abdominal cavity to evaluate organs, detect pregnancy, and guide us during organ biopsies.

MedRx Otoscope examinations are available for ear canal problems or to evaluate the lower urinary tract or nasal cavity.

Have questions about pet lab tests, or want to schedule your pet for an exam?