Your Pet's Surgery


 Preparing for Surgery at Our Animal Hospital in Springfield, MO

Owners can be a little apprehensive about surgery on their beloved pets, but we promise we will do everything we can to keep your pet comfortable, pain-free, and on the road to recovery quickly. Unless otherwise directed, please do not feed your pet after 9 pm the night before surgery; water should be available at all times. Plan on spending 10 minutes at surgery admission to go over consent and treatment plan forms. Your pet needs to arrive between 7-8 am the morning of surgery.

The Day of Surgery

A physical exam is performed to be sure no major changes have occurred since your last visit. We obtain blood to evaluate kidneys and liver function, and to check for signs of infection or anemia.

Pain Management

Our pain management and anesthetic protocols are tailored to your pet’s specific needs. We use combinations of oral, injectible and gas anesthetics for smoother anesthesia and reduced side effects before, during and after surgery. Your pet will also go home with oral pain medications for a few days post-op.

Patient Monitoring and Comfort During Surgery

We have a dedicated surgery technician continuously monitoring your pet while he is under anesthesia. An IV catheter is placed to allow for fluid therapy, stabilizing blood pressure and preventing dehydration. Lying on a warming blanket and wearing booties helps keep body temperature at a safe level.

Once your pet is awake, we will call to arrange a pick-up time. Our technician will go over specific instructions on feeding and  activity restrictions, and will recheck appointment times.

When your pet needs surgery, call one of the best Springfield vets: we're ready help your pet feel better soon!